Chevy Fuel Pump’s Features Will Let You Go Now To Buy It!

Every time you think of an engine upgrade for your car, the first thing that may come to your mind is the chevy fuel pump. Though some of its features will let you go now to buy it. But before all that, you must know about the types of fuel pumps and how to use them.

· Mechanical Fuel Pumps

It is the simplest and most effective fuel pump. It has a rubber diaphragm along with a metal liver in it. The camshaft of the vehicle tends to push one end of the liver. This results in the actuation of the diaphragm. Such street engines aren’t in need of much fuel pressure. So, you don’t need a regulator either. Because of no connection with your electrical system, the amperes they usually save go to other important parts.

You can also use these fuel pumps in NA engines as well. So, it depends on the kind of vehicle you have and its model.

· Electric Fuel Pumps

Such fuel pumps are ubiquitous and you can use them for high-powered engines only. They are either mounted close to the fuel tank or on the inner side. They use power as well as rotors for pushing a particular fuel stream to the engine. You also need a regulator here because the pressure in this case is higher.

Smaller electric fuel pumps surely pull fewer amps while larger ones push more. These pumps are best for the engines that are generating more than 2000 horsepower.

· Belt Driven Fuel Pumps

The best and most expensive option one can go for is belt driven fuel pumps. The engine has a belt and a pulley attached to it in order to turn the fuel pump. It is mainly used for engines that generate more than three thousand horse power.

Features of Fuel Pumps

If we talk about the features of fuel pumps, the first one is fuel pressure. With an increase in pressure, the volume of fuel decreases, it is better to find a pump that has zero pressure. Also, these pumps show different ratings at different pressures. So, don’t forget to take fuel pressure into account before buying a fuel pump.

Fuel flow is another thing of great importance. Mostly, this factor is important when you are going to buy mechanical fuel pumps. But while buying electric fuel pumps, this factor again comes into play.

Fuel Pump Design also matters the most when it comes to buying a new fuel pump. The design will decide which way the fuel is going to be pushed. It also decides the intensity of the flow. So, all these factors have a key role to play in this regard.


You have a number of options based on your vehicle’s model and specifications in order to buy a fuel pump. All you need to do is to research a bit and see which one suits you the most and best. Only then, you’ll provide your vehicle with something it richly deserves.