Differences Between Shot Glass & Regular Shot Glass

There are several types of shot glasses including penis shot glass and regular shot glass. And if you’re not aware of what’s the difference between them, then this article is just for you. Keep reading to learn more about the differences to choose the best one for you.

Differences You Should Know

Below are some differences between a regular shot glass and a penis shot glass:


Obviously, the design is the first factor that makes penis glass stand different and out from the crowd. The design is realistic that resembles a penis of a human. That’s why it has managed to win the hearts of ladies and females all over the world.

The regular shot glass is usually long and cylindrical with an open top. The base is usually thick and flat, that assures easy placement of the glass on the table.

Drinking Experience

The drinking experience is going to be totally different. In a penis glass you’ll get an experience way exotic than a regular shot glass. The internal volume is low but enough to accommodate drink for a shot session. However, low internal volume will drain the alcohol slowly, which will make the drinker keep the penis glass to the mouth for a long time. In a nutshell, the drinking experience will be tempting and funny.

The regular shot glass has a large internal volume as opposed to penis glass. The amount of time taken to take a shot with a regular shot glass is less than a penis shot glass. Therefore, the drinking experience will be regular than a penis shot glass.

Colors & Sizes

The shot glasses are small which are enough to accommodate one sip of alcohol. Penis shot glasses are usually 15 cm in length and up to 6 cm wide. There are several colors available in penis shot glasses which are blue, red, crystal clear, etc. However, you will get a limited variety in sizes.

Regular shot glasses are usually crystal clear in color and there are hardly many color options available. Moreover, the sizes are also almost the same, so a penis glass is better if you want different color option.

Durability & Handling

The durability of a penis shot glass is remarkable due to easy handling. You are not prone to manhandling it since the erect penis shape and curvy testicles will help you hold the glass properly without the chances of slipping it from your hand.

A regular glass has slippery wall surface which is more vulnerable to slipping accidentally. Therefore, you are more prone to break a regular shot glass especially when you’re drunk. But that doesn’t happen to a penis shot glass.


By the end of this article, it’s safe to conclude that a penis shape glass for shot drinks is worth giving a try and when it comes to penis shot glasses purchase, there’s no way Alibaba would disappoint you. Moreover, you’ll get a lot of benefits and occasional sale discounts on Alibaba. And don’t forget to secure your order with a Trade Assurance Order for extended benefits when you purchase a penis shot glass.