Essential Honey Blonde Wig Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

Honey blonde is a shade of blonde with warm-toned shades coupled with undertones of gold, brown, or red. It is known as honey blonde because it looks so much like the honey you find at the farmer’s market. One of the best things about honey blonde is that anyone can wear this hair color. It suits all ages and goes perfectly with almost all skin tones. Many women are skeptical about coloring their natural hair regardless of the numerous positive reviews about honey blonde hair. This is where a honey blonde wig comes in. With a honey blonde wig, you need not worry about damaging your natural hair with chemical treatments. You need to get a good wig and practice proper wig maintenance.

Honey blonde wig maintenance

Below are some top honey blonde wig maintenance tips;

1. Cleaning

Cleaning is a significant part of wig maintenance. However, there are specific cleaning tips to consider when dealing with a honey blonde wig. They include;

  • It would be best if you used shampoo and cleaning products specially designed for colored, precisely blonde colored hair. This tip is vital if you have a honey blonde human hair wig. Honey blonde is not a popular natural hair color. Therefore, most honey blonde human hair wigs are usually colored. Therefore, using standard cleaning colors can cause fading and dull the color.
  • Do not wash the wig too frequently. Whether or not you are using correct cleaning products, frequent cleaning can damage the wig and negatively affect the color.
  • Develop a cleaning routine depending on the wig type. For instance, cleaning an HD lace wig requires a different procedure to cleaning a frontal lace wig. Therefore, you must consider the wig type and lace material when establishing your wig cleaning technique.

2. Avoid excess exposure to the sun, chlorine, and various harmful chemicals

You can also maintain your honey blonde wig by avoiding too much exposure to the sun, chlorine in pools, and different toxic chemicals. These elements could significantly ruin your wig’s flawless radiance and cause the color to fade. You can avoid damages from the sun by wearing a hat during scorching days or avoiding storing your hair near windows or in direct sunlight. If hats are not an option, you can use a small sunscreen on the wig.

3. Avoid heat-related styling tools

Applying heat to colored hair causes instant breakage and affects its quality. This is not only true for natural hair but also colored wigs. Colored wigs go through numerous processing stages that make them delicate and prone to damage. Adding heat can cause significant damages.


Honey blonde is one of the most popular shades of blond. This is because of its soft, natural, and subtle warm hues that offer great aesthetic appeal. Practicing the honey blonde wig maintenance tips above will help the hair product maintain its aesthetic appeal and last longer. You can also maintain the wig by touching up the color after a while. You can always seek help from a professional.