Everything You Should Know About Window Regulator Repair

The car window has a device known as window regulator that helps to raise or lower the glass. If you are like most car owners, you will not pay attention to this part unless it stops working. Since this component is frequently used, it wears down quickly. Thus, there is a need to know how a window regulator replacement works, common problems, and the expected repair cost.

How Window Regulator Works

It is important to understand that there are different designs of window regulators. Some can be operated manually and there are others that use an electric motor. This means that the working mechanism varies depending on the model or type of window regulator installed.

If a powered regulator is installed, you only need to press a button to activate it. As a result, the motor will operate its driving mechanism, which lowers or lifts the window. Manual regulators feature a crank with hand-operated handle.

Since the window regulator has lots of components, it needs regular lubrication. This is necessary to prevent excessive wear and reduce friction of parts in motion. Additionally, lubrication ensures you have noiseless and smooth operation.

Problems with Window Regulators

Window regulators contain various moving parts. Thus, you can expect these parts to malfunction and fail to work. These are some of the common window regulator issues:

Lift Mechanism Damage

When this happens, it could be a result of rusted parts, broken gears, and broken guide. Also, it can be a result of crooked or lose components. The damage occurs when debris gets its way into your car’s door. When water gets in, it can cause rusting. Also, for regulators with pulley system, the pulleys tend to wear with time.

Drive Mechanism Problems

These problems are common and affect the lifting assembly. Remember that the drive mechanism is made of plates and gears. You can easily know when the drive mechanism fails. This is because it produces noise and sometimes it can have no movement. Since most parts of window regulators are irreplaceable. Thus, if the drive mechanism is damaged, you should get a new regulator.

Holder Failure

Sometimes the bracket holding the window in place can be broken. This will result in a malfunctioning window regulator. This problem is usually caused by debris that gets into the window track. Also, bracket wheels can wear excessively. If you suspect this problem, you will need to remove your car door and examine various parts. Additionally, you will need to examine its electric system.

Electrical Faults

The window regulator will fail when electronic and electrical connections develop problems. For instance, burnt components and torn connectors are some of the problems. In some cases, the motor can burn itself, making it impossible to operate the regulator. You can replace a burnt motor. Studies have shown that burnt motors cause most of the window regulator problems.


If your window regulator develops problems, you want to ensure you get it repaired. Remember that not all problems can be repaired as some require replacements. It is advisable to seek the help of an expert when it comes to repairing your window regulator.