Factors to Consider When Choosing A Shower Hose

Many people love to have a flexible shower hose in their respective bathrooms. However, this flexible shower hose is not meant for every bathroom. Often, it is best when you have an expert to advise you on the kind of hose to choose. With this guide, we will discuss a few of the factors that should influence your decision on the kind of shower hose to buy.

Consider the material of the hose

The material used to make the shower hose is one of the most important ways to differentiate a shower hose from the other. It affects everything about the hose, from its beauty to durability, and lifespan, amongst other things. The type of hose you will use depends mainly on your preference and the existing design within your home. You have two options generally when it comes to the material of your shower hose; metal and PVC. Of course, the metal shower hose may be harder than the PVC, and without a doubt, it feels like the better option. However, it will be hard to decide just like that. Let’s take a look at both options.


The metal shower hoses surprisingly have a lot of resistance to wear and tear. Also, the metal is very beautiful and sleek in its finish. However, metal is a strong material that can cause some damage. One of the key disadvantages of the metal shower hose is that it can add scratches to the tiles and ceramic in the bathroom. However, it all depends on the brand that you are buying your metal shower hose from. If you get a good brand, you’re good to go.


The PVC shower hoses may be the ones you are skeptical about generally, but surprisingly, they are probably the best options for most homeowners. You can use the PVC shower hose for longer years, and you don’t have to worry about rust. One disadvantage of the PVC pipes is the bending impact. The force that will make a PVC bend will not affect the metal shower hose in any way.

Consider the height of the hose

Another thing you need to consider is the hose height when you want to install it. This hose height should come to terms with the bathroom design and headroom of the building. If the hose is longer than what the bathroom can take, you will not enjoy it.


When you want to buy a shower hose, consider all the factors that have been highlighted in this guide. This will help you get the best possible product for your bathroom.

With this guide, we have discussed a few of the key factors that you should consider when purchasing a shower hose. These include the material of the hose, as well as the height of the hose. We hope that this guide has been helpful in your search for the perfect shower hose for your bathroom.