Factors Worth Considering When Choosing a Yard Ramp

As a warehouse owner, you’ll need to provide specific equipment to your crew. Some standard equipment includes forklifts, weighting devices, loading racks, and other primary supplies. Among the must-have warehouse equipment, a yard ramp occupies an immediate position.

A yard ramp is a mobile loading dock that allows you to load and unload cargo efficiently. These sturdy metallic structures are portable, and you can transport them easily with the shipment for unloading at the destination.

Although yard ramps provide countless benefits, it is essential to pick the right one to increase productivity and reduce labor effort. Here is a list of contemplations every warehouse owner should make before purchasing a yard ramp.

What Not to Miss When Buying a Yard Ramp?

A yard ramp is essential for unloading cargo from rail cars, trailer trucks, loading docks, etc. The below-listed points are generic; hence, you can customize them according to your needs and preferences.

The Desired Weight

The first thing you need to ensure when buying a yard ramp is the maximum weight of your cargo. For instance, you can purchase a yard ramp for loading and unloading automobiles into trailer trucks. Similarly, you may buy one for unloading cargo using forklifts.

For heavier loads, you’ll need more structural strength. Since all payloads have different weights, you’ll need to ensure that the ramp supports the desired weight and does not get damaged during the work.

Maximum Width of Your Cargo

Just like weight, cargos also differ in width. Hence, it would be best if you chose a ramp according to the maximum width of your shipment. The ideal practice is to select a ramp that is 15 or 20 inches wider than your expected cargo. If you are purchasing a ramp for rail cars, you’ll need to pick a size that allows opening car doors.


Yard ramps are both stationary and mobile. Hence, it depends upon your use case. Typically, owners like choosing portable yard ramps as you can carry them around and do the desired job. However, if you need a hard-set yard ramp, you can pick one with strong base legs and a thicker base to endure the load.

Safety Features

Ensuring safety features in your yard ramp is essential. Some models allow you to install transition plates for an effortless transition between trailer vehicles and the ramp. Similarly, depending on your ramps’ compatibility, you can install a dock leveler.

When analyzing the safety features of a yard ramp, it is best to consider the environment in which you want to place it. This way, you’ll be able to pick the most convenient safety features on your ramp.


Choosing a hydraulic or an adjustable yard ramp is entirely up to your needs and preferences. However, if you are out to buy a portable yard ramp having automatic leveling will be a plus. Numerous sellers sell ramps with hydraulics that are easier to adjust to the desired angle and height. Adjustable ramps allow you to work more comfortably than stationary yard ramps.


You’ll need support for unloading and loading processes when working with cargo. That is where yard ramps come into the scene. You can purchase a yard ramp depending on your work environment. However, some considerations are essential regardless of your preferences.

When buying a yard ramp, it would be best to analyze the maximum cargo weight and width. Similarly, looking for more functionality and mobility features is helpful so you can work with the ramp virtually anywhere.