How to Dress Like The Nineties

Wearing 90s clothes has sort of become the fashion trend in our world today. These days, everyone wants to have a taste of the dress codes and taste of the Nineties. Truth be told, the fashion sense of the older generations was always classic. And unlike today’s dress code, where we have specific outfits for specific occasions, the 90’s clothes were always multifunctional.

The dressing trend like the 90s is increasingly popular, and more and more people want to try it. However, you have to be careful when trying 90s clothes on. If you get it wrong, you may be making a fool of yourself with the wrongest of outfits. However, when you get it right, you will attract a lot of attention, and of course, compliments. In this guide, we will provide a lot of information on how you can dress like you are in the 90s. Let’s go!

Wear a Vintage shirt always

Back in the 90s, the t-shirts making the suitable rounds were the Vintage shirts. These vintage shirts usually had a graphic design pattern right on the chest. Good examples of brands that used to reign in the nineties are; element, toy machine, blind, to mention a few. These brands were made and established in the nineties, and they are still existent today. Therefore wearing any one of these brands means you are dressing like the nineties.

Look for bandana tops

Today, ladies want to show a bit of their fresh skin freshness. That is why many outfits today are either very short or at least skin revealing. However, revealing your skin in outfits is not a trend that starred today – it has been in existence for a long while. Back in the nineties, ladies used to wear outfits that show body – although most of these outfits were mainly for parties. An everyday outfit for showing skin in those days was the bandana top. Of course, the bandana top was made out of a bandana by simply folding it into two halves; then, it is usually tied around the neck.

Slip dress for the kill

In a trend that started as an outfit for pregnant women and nursing mothers, slip dresses have grown to become one of the prominent dresses in the nineties. This is usually a thin dress with slim arms usually worn over the usual shirts. Slip dresses come in different colors closely attributed to females, including pink, orange, white, peach, and others.

Mix bright colors

If you study the dressings and the style of the 90s clothes, you will notice that there were a lot of colors in the nineties. Usually, the idea was to be the most colorful person to stand out amongst the crowd. In our dressing today, we have a silent rule of color combinations. So if you want to try to dress like you are in the nineties, you may want to take off the rule of many colors and combine colors.


The clothes in the 90s and we wear now are nothing close in terms of versatility and durability. If you want to keep up the Vintage culture in this modern age, we have described some nineties dressing styles you can try