Know Which Lining Machine Is Best For You

It is difficult to see a work or job that is not done by machines. With the development of machines, most work has been done by machines no matter if it is small work or large. In addition, some companies especially artificial intelligence is working on machines that know equal to humans or even more.

Some machines are used to manufacture different cases which add up the price of the thing. If you need a device that you can use to manufacture a case of any of your daily routine materials then the lining machinery is best for you. It has some amazing features which make it well-known for its work and is highly recommended for new users.

Lining Machine Categories

If you are interested in making things more beautiful by casing them then the lining machine will be helpful to you. In a lining machine, you will see different forms of devices with different features. So the best option is that you can know about their working, features, and price so that you can choose the best one according to your budget.

ST040PP Automatic Case Lining Machine

ST040PP automatic case lining machine is the best option for casing anything neatly. It has a speed of 4000pcs/h so that all the work must be done as fast as it can. Its stable speed is 2000pcs/h and it can run two pieces of the case at a single time without any type of problem.


  • It has such a driving system through which it runs stably and is positioned precisely.
  • It can easily run two pieces of a hard case at a single time.
  • 80pcs/h speed of case can be obtained at a single time.
  • It can also refine the surface of the hardcover.
  • It can also paste two-lining paper at a single time.

ST040PP+MP Automatic Case Lining Machine

ST040PP+MP automatic case lining machine is an advanced version of ST040PP automatic case lining machine with some new features which make it better. It can pass the inner paper of some different things with a stable speed of 2000pcs/h and can easily run more than one piece of the case at a single time.


  • It can also paste magnet and metal-made plates easily and neatly.
  • It can improve maintenance efficiency and is convenient for the after-sales service.
  • The production speed is greatly improved as it has an 80pcs/h speed of case at a single time.
  • It can also run more than one piece of a hard case at the same time without any mistakes or difficulty.

ST036L Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine

ST036L visual positioning case lining machine is one of the best types of lining machine in which it can paste the inner paper of different products like cigarette boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. It can also help improve product quality by reducing the time used for manufacturing cases and more cases can be manufactured simultaneously.


  • It can reduce preparation time which results in increased production efficiency. This time is then used for manufacturing other cases and more products are manufactured simultaneously.
  • This lining machine is preferred for avoiding scratches and the quality of the product also enhances to a great extent.
  • The most amazing and appearing feature of an automatic lining machine is its precise camera vision. It offers us about ±0.1 mm of positioning accuracy.
  • This machine assures the best quality of product cases and the requirements of customers is the priority.

Wise Words

If you are interested to know the working, process, and prices of casing machines then lining machines is the perfect case-making machine with a great speed of production. It has different types with different features for different types of people. So you can buy the best one according to your budget and work.

ST040PP automatic case lining machine