What to Look for in a Cat Fountain

Cat Fountains: Why are they popular with cats?

Because rushing water is fresher than water in a dish, cats are easily attracted to it. It’s no doubt that a water fountain for cats may be a fun way to keep your cat entertained, but make absolutely sure you choose the proper one. Pets should not be allowed around decorative fountains. They can be dangerous and cause harm to your cat.

Their instincts go against standstill water

House cats will sip from a water bowl, but stagnant water is typically unappealing to them. Cats believe that stagnant water is dangerous. To them, running water appears to be cleaner.

Suspicious personality

If you place your cat’s water bowl in a nook, they may feel very uncomfortable because they are facing a wide expanse. Cats are keen observers who like to keep understanding what’s going on in front of them. Even if you have no more pets, your cat’s instinct is to stay vigilant in the event of an assault.

Seeing things from both perspectives

Even though your cat is enticed to moving water, research reveals that household cats do not prefer waterfall water over dishwater. Before you buy a drinking fountain for your cat, keep in mind that if the novelty wears off, it may simply be a fancy water bowl.

What Makes Cat Fountains Work?

Cat faucets come in a variety of styles, but they all function in the same manner. You fill the fountain with water, which is then filtered via a network of pipes to provide your cat a sensation of sipping refreshing water flowing.

The advantages of having a fountain. Whenever you are washing your hands, your cat may be lured to the sink. They might drink from the torrent or paw at it. Cats are attracted to rushing water in any case. Because the flowing water is restricted to one location for your cat, a waterfall may reduce the amount of filth surrounding your faucet.

Teach Your Cat to Drink from a Fountain

Take it easy

At first, your cat may be perplexed by the new technology in their house. Don’t immediately grab their old bowl. Rather, when you get the fountain running, put it out for the cat to investigate. Then fill the pump with water but don’t switch it on yet. This allows the cat to become accustomed to its waterfall.

Get them comfortable with the fountain

Turn on the water when you think your kitty is comfortable. They could be wary at first, but allow them some space. Instead of forcing your cat to drink from the waterfall, let them explore it according to their own.

Assist with oversight

When the waterfall is running, never ever let your cat alone. Keep an eye out for indicators that your cat is getting too excited about their new water. If the sound has completely overwhelmed your cat, they may show indications of someone being frightened. Shut off and set aside your cat’s waterfall if it makes them frightened. At a later time, try getting them comfortable once more.