What’s So Trendy About Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil?


Blotting and oil control papers have been on the market for a long time. Although some of them are already high-tech, there’s still one hot trend in the market- natural blotting paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil.

Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil is a blotting paper and a face oil in one! It absorbs excess sebum and impurities with the help of bamboo-activated charcoal while providing hydration to your skin at the same time. It doesn’t just remove shine from your face but also targets blemishes, making it the ultimate blotting paper for acne-prone skin!

Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil is 100% natural ingredients. It’s free from mineral oil, paraben, and fragrance. You can use it on your face just like you would regular blotting paper – click here and see the results!

Perfect For Summer

Its lightweight texture is perfect for summer, and the bamboo charcoal ingredient helps treat breakouts!  Bamboo-activated charcoal also has a cooling effect when applied to your skin.

It’s water-resistant, so you can continue with your day without worrying about getting blotting paper oil all over your work clothes. Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil is sure to become your go-to product this summer!

According to its manufacturers, this product is said to be made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and 100% renewable materials (bamboo pulp). It is also available in biodegradable packaging to ensure you are not harming Mother Nature when using it.

In addition, this product leaves a matte finish that helps the skin look flawless and airbrushed all day long. It can also help prolong your foundation or BB cream from sliding off your face during hot summer days.

However, users need to be cautious when using this product as there are some reports that it can cause breakouts, especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin. If you want to try this product, don’t forget to use it only on areas with excess sebum/oils and not on dry areas or non-oily makeup bases.

How to Use Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil

1) Remove the cap and gently squeeze it so that 2/3 of the oil comes out.

2) To use, pat the oil on areas of your face where you tend to get oily.

3) You can use it on your forehead, nose, and chin (wherever oil tends to accumulate). Be careful around the eye area!  Don’t forget your neck and decolletage as well.

4) The lightweight texture of Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil makes it perfect for summer. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so you can carry on with your day knowing that your face is oil-free!

5) The cooling effect of the bamboo charcoal ingredient makes Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil very refreshing.

Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil

It is a blend of natural substances useful in absorbing oil-based facial products. It has astringent properties, is anti-microbial, and contains moisturizing oils.

It is non-comedogenic and contains no harmful ingredients. It leaves no residue on the skin after being rubbed in. This product can be used with powder or liquid makeup. It is made in the USA and has a one-year shelf life if kept from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

The Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil is a great product to help keep your face looking its best. The oil is made with natural ingredients, including bamboo charcoal, which helps to absorb oil and sweat. This leaves your skin looking matte and helps to prevent acne. The oil also contains vitamin E, which helps to nourish and protect your skin. This oil is perfect to use during the day or after a workout.


If you’re looking for a product that will help with oily skin and blemishes but doesn’t clog the pores or feel heavy on your skin, why not try Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil?

The 100% natural ingredients make it safe to use even if you have sensitive skin. It’s also suitable for those who don’t like the greasy feeling you get from some face oils!

If you love all-natural ingredients with no added fragrances or parabens, why not give them a try?  Natural Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil is perfect for summer and oil control without the sticky feeling!


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