Why Choose Custom Fitted Hats Over Snapped-On


Every color and design you can imagine is available in baseball caps. Whether you want a hat with an adjustable band or one that is custom-made for you, you’ll find one that will fit you perfectly. When it comes to baseball caps, there are two main types: the custom fitted hats and the snapback.

The style of hat that you choose will depend on your preferences and needs, so there is no right or wrong answer. However, each hat style has its advantages and disadvantages that you will learn about in the following sections.


Snapback hats and custom fitted hats are both versatile in their own way. The snapbacks have an adjustable piece of plastic on the back to fit any head shape. On the other hand, the custom fitted hats can fit the head of the user perfectly since it is customized according to the user’s size and shape.

For a family with several members, you can borrow the hat of your brother or sister since a snapback can fit just about any type of head. Although the custom fitted hats are designed for a particular person, any family member of the same size can still borrow the hat.

The only drawback of custom fitted hats is that they may not fit others. Fitted caps are available in various sizes, such as S/M and L/XL.


Because it is custom-made to fit your head precisely, the fitted hat wins the comfort award. The inside of the cap is made of smooth fabric, so there is no pressure on your head. There’s no risk of it falling off your head because it was custom-made just for you.

This is where the snapback falls short, primarily due to the uncomfortable plastic piece at the back. Hair can get caught in the snaps if you adjust it while wearing it, which can be painful. Additionally, the plastic piece on the back of the hat can irritate the forehead if worn backward.

Ease of Use

Picking up a hat at random and wearing it might seem silly, but it has advantages. A snapback is a clear winner in this category because anyone can wear it, regardless of head size.

If you want a fitted hat, you’ll need to try several different sizes or have your head measured to find the perfect size. Although your head will likely remain the same size as an adult, it can be difficult to figure out your hat size for the first time.


Fitted hats have stiffer front panels because they aren’t meant to be adjusted frequently, making them the winner in this category. Custom baseball caps made of stiffer material are more impressive and can withstand the test of time. Additionally, custom logos can be added there because there is no back adjustment piece.

End Thoughts

So, why choose custom fitted hats over snapped? One reason is that custom fitted hats will fit your head perfectly. This means that you don’t have to worry it might fall. Another advantage of custom fitted hats is that it is very comfortable. No need to adjust as it is designed based on your head size and shape. It won’t irritate your head. Custom baseball hats are also more durable than over-snapped hats. The next time you think of buying a baseball hat, choose the custom fitted one.


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